5S Initiative At Indian Pneumatic And Hydraulic


We have been involved in Lean activities since the beginning. Simply put this helps us in improving the workspace and reducing burden among our employees. For the uninitiated, following is an extract from Wikipedia. Lean manufacturing, lean enterprise, or lean production, often simply, “Lean,” is a production practice that considers the expenditure of resources for any goal […]

Hydraulic Cylinder Calculations

IPHCO Cylinder Tools

we find that our customers require a quick reply to two common questions

  1. What bore size do i need to lift 5tons?
  2. Will a 125 bore cylinder i already have lift my current requirement of 50 tonne?

Since we like helping our customers, we decided to use our own tool and put it on the web.

Hydraulic Cylinders And Google Apps

Google Apps

We had been facing problems with our email server and quite a number of our customers had been facing problems because of this. We explain the problem in detail and steps taken to resolve the problem.