About Indian Pneumatic & Hydraulic Co


Indian Pneumatic & Hydraulic Co. [IPH] was begun in early 1970’s by three Engineers with expertise in the then nascent market of Hydraulic Cylinder manufacturing.

Mr K Gopalakrishnan, Mr Sreedharan and Mr Tilakan are the founding Directors of the company each with more than 40+ years of experience in the industry.

Over more than three decades, the company has grown from 3 to 100+ employees catering to a vast segment in the Indian Market. IPH has supplied to Steel Manufacturers, Rolling Mill Manufacturers, Special Purpose Machine Manufacturers and Hydropower markets in India and beyond.



  • Max Bore diameter – upto 900 mm [35.43307 inches]
  • Stroke – 6.5+ metres [<= 450 mm bore]
  • Working Pressure – 350+ bar


  • Three Decades of Manufacturing Experience;
  • 100000+ man hours of Technical Experience;
  • 17500+ sq. feet; Recent acquisition of 1,30,000 sq. feet.
  • Large High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders for Hydro Electric Power Projects
  • High Pressure Pneumatic products for Torpedo Launching used by the Indian Navy.
  • Steering Cylinders for a Warship Project.
  • Specialized Research Project Hydraulic cylinder for a Steel Giant.
  • Seal-less Hydraulic Cylinders (first dispatched a decade ago).
  • Hydraulic Cylinders made for extreme temperature & pressure.
  • Special Purpose Multi Piston Rod Hydraulic Cylinder for an Special Purpose Machine Manufacturer
  • Long & Large Bore Hydraulic Cylinder made – 450mm bore x 6000mm stroke
  • Long Stroke Hydraulic Cylinder – 125mm bore x 7000mm stroke with >7100mm piston rod.
  • Large Pneumatic Cylinders – 710mm bore x 2000mm+ stroke pneumatic cylinders.