Hydraulic Cylinder Mounts

Mounts are separate distinct components not directly related to the working operation of a cylinder. These components maybe attached directly to the body of a cylinder by welding or attached separately through the piston rod as in the case of a RodEye type of mounting.

Hydraulic Cylinders And Google Apps

Google Apps

We had been facing problems with our email server and quite a number of our customers had been facing problems because of this. We explain the problem in detail and steps taken to resolve the problem.

Special Purpose Machines SPM


We also cater to a huge number of SPM manufacturers through out India. Our ability to manufacture almost any type of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder over past 40 years make us perfect for such partnerships. If you have any such need get in touch with us.

Long Stroke Cylinders

Long Stroke Cylinder

We regularly manufacture 6 metre+ (6000mm+) cylinders for industrial applications.



Top Notch Sealing Solutions especially for IPH Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders

Needle Valves

Needle Valve

Specially designed needle valves made from special grades of forged steel. These find their usage in large Hydro Power projects in India and other South Asian countries.