High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinder

This cylinder is a High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinder custom made for Godrej Tooling Division. The purpose of the cylinder was to open the insides of Prithvi Missile. Since the load required to open the shell from the inside is pretty high, we had to design something out of the normal.

The cylinder is of 650mm bore, works at a pressure of 450 kg/cm2 and can lift more than 1340 tons. Its one of a kind and we are very proud that we built it despite the challenges.  Read on …
Prithvi missile
IPH has contributed in a small way to manufacturing of Prithvi Missile

This high pressure hydraulic cylinder can lift loads of approximately 1340+ tons!

If it has to withstand a pressure of 450 kg/cm2, it would mean we would have to have a design pressure of atleast 675 kg/cm2.

Godrej Cylinder

There were not many pipe manufacturers in India that we know of who build something like this.  Also the yield point of the main body should be pretty high if it has withstand that kind of load. We finally went in for a forged body to accommodate the resulting stresses.

But as luck would have it, there was an error at customers end in their casing and hence we had to reduce the wall thickness of the body. This would mean a reduced yield stress rating in our body.  Plain Mild Steel couldn’t handle it at the current possible wall thickness, so we had to go back to the drawing board and played around with multiple variations. We looked up all kinds of steel variations and finally we settled on a specially made C45 forged body.

Material would have to be bored out of this body and would take many days of continuous operation. This put additional pressure on our delivery as we had received the order in late December/Early January and we had to dispatch within 12 weeks!!


Since we had an actual space constraint and this means we couldn’t simply add on material for increased safety, we had to be absolutely sure.  We conducted a simulation using our simulation software. Only after the results were checked and verified again and again did we settle down and released it for manufacturing.

IPH Series 4 Catalog consists of our standard 250 Bar Series for those who need relatively lower pressures. Catalog Download link is provided below. Download IPH Catalog for High Pressure Cylinders below