Effect Of Piston Rod Plating On Hydraulic Seals

IPH Piston Rods
IPH Piston Rods are plated to 23-30 microns

The main parts which move in a regular basis in a hydraulic cylinder is the piston rod along with the piston. The continuous to and fro motion induces considerable wear and tear on the rod. This wear and tear reduces life of seals in the cylinder and in turn reduces the life of the cylinder.

All IPH cylinders are equipped with a wiper seal which literally wipe the piston rod as it brings the cylinder to collapsed position. This wiping action ensures that small dirt and dust are removed and helps the part of the rod inside the cylinder stay clean.

Effect Of Piston Rod Plating On Hydraulic Seals

To increase life of seals which come in continuous contact with the cylinder, we require to have a high degree of surface finish on the piston rod. The high degree of surface finish required is not possible with traditional machining methods using conventional machines such as lathe.

A quality plating finish with a smooth surface of correct Ra values will ensure higher degree of life for seals. If the thickness of plating required is high like for e.g. during repairs then, the piston rod has to undergo regrinding before the plating process.

Coated piston rods need to be finished to produce a surface roughness profile that will optimize rod and seal life without compromising the coating’s anti-corrosion properties.