Hydraulic Cylinder Calculation

IPHCO Cylinder Tools
IPHCO Cylinder Tools

We have created a set of online tools for hydraulic pneumatic cylinder calculations to help customers do that sitting in their own offices.

Why Hydraulic Cylinder Calculation?

We often have customers who come in with a requirement to push/lift loads of 500Kg or maybe 5000Kg (We make cylinders which can lift both easily!). Since they are not specialists in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder manufacturing; Often we have to help them and guide them through the motions of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder selection.

While we are extremely happy to do this, we find that our customers require a quick reply to two common questions

  1. What bore size do i need to lift 5tons?
  2. Will a 125 bore cylinder i already have lift my current requirement of 50 tonne?

Since we like helping our customers, we decided to use our own tool and put it on the web.