IPH Thane Workshop Gets Face lift.

Fitter Cleaning the large pneumatic cylinder

Having a good hydraulic cylinder workshop shows good housekeeping. Good housekeeping is a sign of a well managed company. A well managed company makes better hydraulic cylinders.

Things are NEVER so SIMPLE but NOR are they too COMPLEX.

IPH (Thane) has been manufacturing hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for about four decades now. Our workshop frankly never quite reflected the expertise that we have. We had been meaning to do something about this for quite sometime.

IPH Thane has been thinking of upgrading our shop for a while. So we began by repairing the flooring, this with some real nice flooring concrete with a special mix to harden it.

Supervisor Checking A Drawing

The economic downturn took us down along with it as most businesses but we did the most out of the down turn. We took the slightly higher time we had and rebuilt our shop. Work is not done yet and there is always something more to do. But least we got the in-house part right!

A dose of freshly coated paint and we think its pretty nice to look at. We will not be arrogant and say we are a world class facility.. just yet. But we are getting there.

Man of the Moment is Mr Vijay Achrekar who actually lead the change and has been ably assisted by his crew.

Vijay Achrekar - Our Supervisor
Tired after a long day

All this without a break in our schedule. He has managed things beautifully along with some good help from the entire team including Rajesh Nair (Customer Relationship Manager) who ensured all customers were taken care of.

Large Pneumatic Pipes
Large Pneumatic Honed Pipes

Large Honed Pneumatic Pipes

Jayashree Gawde who brought things in on time. Shaji who supported Jayashree with Quality, Prabhakar who was very decisive in final testing and ensuring all material test certificates were in place before dispatch.

Testing Of Large Pneumatic Cylinder
Testing Of Large Pneumatic Cylinder

Assembly team who worked doubly hard to get things done on schedule.

Overall it has been a satisfying experience and we will go further to improve upon this slowly but surely.