Hydraulic Cylinder Catalog

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PDF Catalogs

IPH Series 1 Catalog (160bar)
IPH India MP3 Mounting

Welded Construction.
Heavy in construction and welded. These are standard in steel mills (Mill Duty) and have a heavy duty design upto 250mm bore. For higher bores please refer Series 3

IPH Series 2 Catalog (160bar)

Tie Rod Construction.
Easy to service and universally find their applications. Use them almost anywhere. Upto 250mm bore. 

IPH Series 3 Catalog(160 bar)
MF3 Mounted Hydraulic Cylinder

Mounting Dimensions for 250 bore upto 500mm bore. 

IPH Series 4 Catalog  (250 bar)
IPH India MF3 Mounted Hydraulic Cylinder
IPH Series 3 hydraulic Cylinder

These cylinders are welded in construction and designed to run at high pressures and are suitable for application which require high pressures of upto 250 kg/cm2

IPH Series 5 Catalog (100 bar)

These cylinders are used for smaller applications of upto 100 kg/cm2.