Friction Loss In Hydraulic Cylinder

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What is Friction Loss

Friction loss is the loss of energy or “head” that occurs in pipe flow due to viscous effects generated by the surface of the pipe.

Friction Loss In Hydraulic Cylinder

Friction loss is dependent upon sealkits that you would wish to use. Single Ended Low friction seals such as Glyd Ring or PTFE, generally have a loss of 1-3% while normal seals like chevron will have a higher friction of 2-5%.

Friction Loss is a very important topic in hydropower and the web is filled with literature on the same. Manufacturers of both industrial machines and off-highway equipment demand leak-free performance and long-term reliability from fluid-power systems. And, increasingly, they’re looking for higher energy efficiency as well.

One way fluid-power engineers can boost efficiency is with friction-optimized piston and rod seals on hydraulic cylinders. Excessive friction not only wastes energy, it can also accelerate wear and lead to premature seal failure. But if they generate too little friction, the seal leaks. Getting the balance just right across varying pressures and operating conditions has been an ongoing challenge for seal manufacturers.

We use sealkits from Trelleborg(Bushak Shamban), Economos, Merkel etc in our cylinders to minimise the risk due to lack of quality in locally made raw material compounds.