Difference Between Mobile Hydraulics Versus Industrial Hydraulics

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Mr Rory McLaren is a founder Director with Fluid Power Training Institute, Inc Utah. He writes vociferously and interesting articles on what plagues hydraulics industry in general. His self stated goal is

My goal is to bring about the change in fluid power education and safety that is so desperately needed in America.

In an article on linkedin he has contended that there is really no difference between Mobile & Industrial Hydraulics as far as training is concerned.

Divisions in Mobile & Industrial Hydraulics is primarily a marketing concept. People like to segment their target market so that they may focus their supply chain and their operations toward a particular type of customer.

This has nothing to do with expertise but generally we find that people at worker level in manufacturers of Industrial Hydraulics are more technically tuned than manufacturers of mobile. This might be the case because of the manufacturing cycle.

In Industrial Hydraulics, the variety and scope of work involved is exponentially larger than in mobile hydraulics. Many problems arise at the manufacturing level as each job might be different from the next. In many cases it might be a iterating on the spot in the supply chain.

But technically Mr Rory McLaren is right, there can’t be any difference between Mobile & Industrial Hydraulics as the concepts on which they are based are the same.