Esmech Equipment

Esmech Equipment is a Joint Venture between SMS Siemag AG (Germany) and HB Esmech P. Ltd (India), and is the leading manufacturer of World Class Cold Rolling Mills and Strip…

Mechanical Press

We have been supplying press cylinders for companies across India for more than 15 years. Our largest counterbalancing cylinders were of size 710 bore (Pneumatic Cylinder).

Bloom Casting

IPH is a regular supplier to continuous casting industry including straighteners, pushers, Rigid Dummy Bar Receivers, Bummy Bar Receivers etc. Our cylinders are the accepted standard in the industry.

Piston Rod Coating

As a main part of hydraulic cylinder, the piston rod is used in tough surrounding and corrosive condition; consequently a high quality protecting layer is essential. Currently EHC, electroplating hard chromium (hard chrome) is a widespread method for piston rod due to powerful performance

Hydraulic Cylinders And Google Apps

Google Apps

We had been facing problems with our email server and quite a number of our customers had been facing problems because of this. We explain the problem in detail and steps taken to resolve the problem.